Date: 15th May 2021


    • CU73 (ITRA-3 required*, start 3:30am)

    • CU58 (ITRA-2 required*, start 3:30am)

Registration system (redirect)


  • TRANSPORTATION – add shuttle bus during registration
  • ACCOMODATION – on Accomodation section will be more information about accommodation in 5 aboriginal villages in homestays. You may book by phone call to owner. We will try provide detaild information. Shuttle bus on Friday will continue to each village. Owner of home stay may drive you to race start (need confirm with each owner) or it may be possible book transit at the morning. Back will be shuttle transport back to villages.
  • SUNDAY CELEBRATION – 8am to 12:00 in venue (921 memorial park), bus leaving to Taipei at 1pm from venue

Registration periods

    • Early Bird 2021-3-1 ~
    • Standard Period 2021-3-10 ~
    • Late Bird 2021-3-29 ~ (T-shirt choice limited)
    • Waiting List: once distance is full you may sign up for waiting list​

RegisRATION FEE 參賽費用

    • Early Bird
      • 58km ~4000 NTD
      • 73km ~4500 NTD
    • Standard Period
      • 58km ~4200 NTD
      • 73km ~4750 NTD
    • Late Bird
      • +30%, T-shirt choice limited


    • You have to understand the demanding physical nature of the Event. I declare, as a condition of entry to the Event, that I have sufficiently trained for this Event and that I am not aware of any illness, injury or any other physical disability which may cause me injury or death whilst participating in the Event
    • 作為參與賽事條件之一,本人聲明已經針對本賽事進行充分訓練,並未察覺可能導致本人於參賽過程受傷或死亡之任何疾病、傷勢或任何其他肢體障礙。
    • Safety helmet (rock climbin or biking) is strongly recommended over certain sections (over 肥崠山 and 鳶嘴山).
    • 攀岩用安全頭盔(肥崠山到鳶嘴山,強烈建議)
    • For all rules and mandatory equipment visit event page:
    • You have to understan general event rules and refund mechanisn in case of cancelation:
    • Please read entry disclaimer which you will sign up during race pack pickup:
    • *Course leads up to 2700m, so it is required have high altitude mountain experience (3000m+).
    • *具備攀登3000公尺以上高山的經驗
    • *It is mandatory to have ITRA record (if not contact us)
    • *強制要有ITRA點數
    • Feel free contact us 歡迎與我們連繫

Race Pack 選手物資

Cloud Ultra T-shirt

  • 男 Male or 女 Female (尺碼 GENDER Shirt size)

男 MALE SIZE Chest (cm, half perimeter) Body Length (cm)
XS 男 45 60
S 男 48 63
M 男 51 65
L 男 53 68
XL 男 56 70
2XL 男 58 73

tolerance ± 1cm

女 FEMALE SIZE Chest (cm, half perimeter) Body Length (cm)
XS 女 40 56
S 女 43 59
M 女 46 61
L 女 48 64
XL 女 51 66
2XL 女 53 69

Personal Pickup 領取物資

  • Friday 4-8pm in 臺中市和平區自由里辦公室 Village Office
  • Saturday 3:00-3:25am in venue
  • Map 地圖:
  • Address 地點: 424台中市和平區自由里東崎路二段71之5號
  • 如果您無法親自到場領取,請列印參賽同意書並在上面簽名(連結文件將於此 download Entry Disclaimer),並請朋友攜帶同意書代領取
  • Cannot pickup race pack? Your friend can do for you. Please print out Entry Disclaimer (download here), sign it and give to us during race pack pickup.
  • Not collected race pack will be reused.


  • 1 minute from 921 memorial park (venue) in smaller alley for finish of CU course
  • race pack pickup was changed from school to Village Office
  • please wear face mask during race pack pickup
  • find your BIB number in participants list:

Race pack and registration fee include

  • Cloud Ultra T-shirt
  • Buff
  • Gift*
  • Race BIB
  • Food and Drink after race
  • downloadable online certificate
  • Insurance (for all 3 days)
  • entry to Daxueshan National Forest Recreation Area (150NTD)
  • free entry to Sunday ceremony (not participants 300NTD, please buy ticket during race pack pickup)


  • 賽事紀念上衣Cloud Ultra
  • Buff
  • Gift*
  • 完賽小禮
  • 完賽獎牌
  • 下載線上完賽證明
  • 旅遊平安險 (for all 3 days)
  • 一般優待票150元 大雪山國家森林遊樂區
  • 週日慶功宴是免入門費(但如果不是參賽選手,請購買餐卷300元,請於選手物資領取期間購買)。

*notice: Finisher medals is in form of more useful gift which is included in race pack, do not expect any finisher medal on finish line. This is due to reduce contact between staff and runners and reduce waste of classic medals.


due to technical aspect on the trail the capacity of runners has to be limited

  • 73km: 150 runners
  • 58km: 150 runners
  • (73 and 58km start together at 3:30am)



  • 73公里: 150位
  • 58公里: 150位
  • (73及58公里於凌晨3:30點整同時起跑)

Event Rules /  Entry Disclaimer / How to REgister