Race Venue 比賽地點

  • 921 memorial Park 雙崎921紀念公園
    • Map 地圖:: https://goo.gl/maps/cWDrqjesi1fhUiFR7
  • Race pack pickup – Yzu Yu Elementary School 自由國小


Event Schedule

  • 5月14日(週五)
    • 下午16:00 – 晚上20:00 參加者物資領取
    • 晚上18:00 雲端越野開場分享會
  • 5月15日(週六)
    • 凌晨 4:00 – 73公里 & 58公里 開始
    • 下午14:00+ 預計58公里組別冠軍回到終點
    • 下午17:00+ 預計73公里組別冠軍回到終點
    • 下午- 泰雅市集
  • 5月16日(週日)
    • 早上7:30-中午12:00 慶祝活動 & 泰雅市集(參加者分享,食物,舞蹈,頒獎活動…等)

Categories 分組

TOP 3 male and female will be awarded


add shuttle bus during registration:

  • From Taipei on Friday at 2pm and back on Sunday 1pm
  • From Taipei on Friday at 5pm and back on Sunday 1pm  (5pm bus will not be provided, no demand)
  • Only returning ticket on Sunday 1pm
  • notice 備註:
    • Here is Taipei Main Station exit East 3: https://goo.gl/maps/6vnLnqTLHAG2
    • Here is 921 memorial Park 雙崎921紀念公園: https://goo.gl/maps/cWDrqjesi1fhUiFR7
    • Bus will first stop in 921 park (pickup race pack in elementary school) and will continue to 5 villages after 1 hour
    • Duration of travel is c. 2 hour during normal traffic
    • Seats are limited, please do not hesitate order it during registration
    • 座位是有限的,在報名期間,請不要遲疑訂購


In ACCOMODATION section is more information about accommodation in 5 aboriginal villages in homestays. Please contact association 中華民國青銀見學協會 and they will help you with accomodation. Shuttle bus on Friday will continue to each village. Owner of home stay may drive you to race start (need confirm with each owner) or it may be possible book transit at the morning. Back will be shuttle transport back to villages.

Aborigines Market and additional tours

5/16半日遊,歡迎大家參加~ 😍🥰
Welcome to join hunter experience trip

這從次Cloud Ultra是原民局,台中教育大學的推廣大安溪部落的計畫,一起結合跑山獸的越野跑山,活動期間5/14-5/16都有系列活動(如下),也貼上活動行程表,歡迎帶家裡的大小朋友一起來玩~ 謝謝~


Sunday Celebration  7am to 12:00 in venue (921 memorial park), bus leaving to Taipei at 1pm from venue

Photos 攝影集

Sneak preview of 58km course from Beast Runners training in January: