• 中華民國青銀見學協會
    Taiwan Kengaku Association
    for Young and Retirees
  • 協會專線:0963-522-489
  • 專用@line:@544cypol
  • email:


  • notice:
    • for accomodation in aborigines villages please contact association above they will be happy to assist you
    • side project of this event is to support aborigines living in 5 villages and increase tourism in this beautiful area

Indigenous village

  1. 雙崎部落 Mihu
  2. 竹林部落 K-ling
  3. 香川部落 Kagaw
  4. 達觀部落 L`olu
  5. 雪山坑部落 D`lving



Facebook or Web page of tribes – for more tour tips FACEBOOK:


Accomodation in Indigenous villages (home stay)

  • Visit event Google map to see villages location
  • Bus on Friday will continue to each village
  • Bus on Sunday leaving from venue
  • Owner of property may drive you to race start (?)
  • Back way to village by transit (pay cash 100NTD)
  • For booking please contact association 中華民國青銀見學協會

List of properties

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