Cloud Ultra

Run Above Clouds in central Taiwan mountains. Ultra Runners with mountaineering skills will climb from aborigines villages in Da’an valley placed 600m above sea level to ridge which leads over rocky peaks and forest road up to 2666m. Giant trees 神木 can been seen long the way in beautiful DaXueShan National Forest 大雪山. This is area of unique flora and fauna and it is not exception to sight wildlife.

CLOUD ULTRA (雲端越野)即將於2021年5月15日於中台灣,從海拔600公尺的台中市和平區雙崎部落開始,沿著山稜線,岩石峰群,森林步道,最高到達海拔2666公尺以上的高山以及沿途經過大雪山國家森林遊樂區的巨大神木林,除了遠眺高山巨木群,獨特森林植被,景色美不勝收,甚至也會遇到台灣美麗的高山野生動植物。



Cloud Ultra 73

Ridge of Giants

73km / 4750m D+


May 15, 2021

Cloud Ultra 58

Touch The Sky

58km / 4000m D+


May 15, 2021