3rd SEPTEMBER 2022


  • NEW DATE: 3rd SEPTEMBER 2022  (postponed from 2021)
  • NEW BIRD 2022-7-01 ~ (we will try find way how to substitute T-shirt)
  • current participants  please see your name/distance/transportation here:


Dear CLOUD ULTRA participants, <english below>

親愛參加Cloud Ultra的朋友們,您們好

我們想要公佈更多關於Cloud Ultra,但現在看起來仍然不確定,有很多的因素限制CU的未來。





1] 延期到9月11或18日(由於天氣和 Covid 可能不是最佳選擇,但對於聯盟合作計畫是最適合的時間。)

2] 延期到2021年10月(聯盟合作計畫期限已經到,我們需要再找更多資源協助。)

3] 延期到2022年三月/四月(如果沒有再其他的活動,我們公司可能無法在經濟上繼續維持。)

4] 取消(在我們報名規章裡,在活動14天前取消是沒有退費,然而我們仍然在最後一刻快速地取消一些項目,省下20%預算,所以我們可以分別地退款給58公里台幣750元,跟73公里台幣1250元。款項可以直接退費到帳戶或是轉換成優惠卷。)

如果要求部分退款的人數較多,我們將無法承擔費用並取消活動。可以轉換參加名額給另一個人。只有在疫情非常樂觀情況才會開始再報名活動( 不提供T-shirt)


Petr & Eva

We would like to announce more about Cloud Ultra but the situation still looks uncertain. There are many factors which are limiting held CU in the future. CU is part of a cooperative project with National Taichung University of Education and the Aboriginal Bureau Alliance with the aim to combine tribal fairs and mountain activities. They mainly help us coordinate with various public units (such as  Forestry Bureau Dongshi, Taichung City Police, Heping District government office, Taichung City Sports Bureau, and the leaders of the 6 tribes and association in the Daanxi river,… etc.)

We hope this event will be postponed instead of cancelled, because we have spent almost a year of preparation for this event with big effort, communication and financial cost. Due to difficulty and effort requirements, we decided not to hold other events in spring of 2021 (Run Through The Jungle and Ultra Maokong) and focus fully on this unique event. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the event two days prior to its original date of 15th May 2021, due to the acceleration of spreading Covid-19 in Taiwan (it showed it was the best decision). It was very exhausting for us. But in this emergency period everyone must follow and support epidemic prevention measurements.

Below are possible scenarios with brief explanation:

1] postpone to 11th or 18th September 2021 (it is not optimal for event due weather and Covid, but preferred term for project)

2] postpone to October 2021 (village project is over, we may find more resources to support)

3] postpone to March/April 2022 (our company may not sustain financially if we cannot held another event)

4] cancelation (since it was canceled 14 days before the event there are officially no refunds, however we were able to quickly cancel many items and save 20% of budget, which is 750NTD or 1250NTD for 58km and 73km, respectively. This can be refund to account or in form of voucher in case of cancelation)

If there will be many requests for partial refund, we will not be able to bear the cost and will cancel the event. Transfer spot to another person is possible. Registering for the event will be possible only at a very optimistic pandemic level (T-shirts are not available.)

Keep safe and looking for better future in Taiwan and rest of world

Petr & Eva


CLOUD ULTRA will NOT be held this weekend.

We are very sorry for troubling, but situation is serious and we technically have not support to organize it this weekend.
Please give us time to announce if is total cancelation or we will postpone several months.
Thank you for understanding and support
Beast Runners 跑山獸

考量疫情嚴峻,這週Cloud Ultra將不會舉辦~

很抱歉,要跟所有參加Cloud Ultra的朋友們,我們要宣佈將不會在這週舉辦,考量疫情急升,這情況是我們無法控制,需要尊重國家的防疫工作。
Thank you for understanding and support
Beast Runners 跑山獸

Cloud Ultra

Run Above Clouds in central Taiwan mountains. Ultra Runners with mountaineering skills will climb from aborigines villages in Da’an valley placed 600m above sea level to ridge which leads over rocky peaks and forest road up to 2666m. Giant trees 神木 can been seen long the way in beautiful DaXueShan National Forest 大雪山. This is area of unique flora and fauna and it is not exception to sight wildlife.

CLOUD ULTRA (雲端越野)即將於2021年5月15日於中台灣,從海拔600公尺的台中市和平區雙崎部落開始,沿著山稜線,岩石峰群,森林步道,最高到達海拔2666公尺以上的高山以及沿途經過大雪山國家森林遊樂區的巨大神木林,除了遠眺高山巨木群,獨特森林植被,景色美不勝收,甚至也會遇到台灣美麗的高山野生動植物。



Cloud Ultra 73

Ridge of Giants

73km / 4750m D+


May 15, 2021

start 3:30am

Cloud Ultra 58

Touch The Sky

58km / 4000m D+


May 15, 2021

start 3:30am